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Already Have a GiveGab Account? Here's How to Register

If you already have a GiveGab account (for example, you participated in NewsMatch or a local giving day):

  1. You need a unique registration link
  2. Request your link from the GiveGab Customer Success team using the blue chat bubble in the right hand corner of your screen or by emailing
  3. Click on the link they provide.
  4. Complete the registration survey
  5. Choose "Copy this Profile" if you want to re-use your NewsMatch profile or "Create a New Profile" if you want to start fresh

New to GiveGab? Here's How to Register

If you do not have a GiveGab account, or aren't sure:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your organization
  3. If you don't see it, click "Add My Organization"
  4. Complete the registration survey
  5. Create your new profile

Detailed instructions with screenshots of the registration process can be found here.

What you need to register:

  • Your organization's name and address
  • An EIN or the EIN of your fiscal sponsor to verify your nonprofit status
  • A bank account where the donations you receive will be sent

More Registration Resources

Webinars and Training Videos

Whether or not you've used GiveGab before, there are plenty of resources to help you make the most of your fundraising page and the News for Good site.

For registration and profile questions regarding News for Good, please contact For all other questions, please email

Creating Your Profile

Creating your profile with a compelling story for donors is an important step toward achieving fundraising success. Follow these four steps to create a profile that will showcase your amazing work, motivate donors to make a gift with a strong story, and start the stewardship process on the right foot.

  1. Add your organization's information
  2. Add your story
  3. Add donation levels
  4. Add a 'Thank You' message